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Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Management

"Why can't I find my website?"

Building a website and putting it on the web does not guarantee that you or anyone else will be able to find your website. The competition for top spots on Search Engines such as GOOGLE, YAHOO, and MSN is stiff and without proper optimization it can be very hard to get listed even on the top 20 pages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of arranging a Website’s content in a way so that it will achieve a high ranking in search engines based on your industry and your target audience.  SEO includes tailoring the page text, headlines and images as well as selecting proper keywords for the underlying meta tag code of each individual web page so that the site is “Search Engine Friendly,” meaning that it is easy for the web crawlers or spiders that search for sites to locate and understand the web page.

Submitting your Website to Search Engines is a start, but to get to and stay in the top positions in Search Engines takes constant monitoring of the Website’s ranking on each of the major Search Engines. Because Search Engines frequently change and update the way their "spiders" crawl Websites it is important to keep up with this information and make changes to your Website accordingly in order to maintain a high ranking position.

Website Promotion

Website Promotion is advertising your Website on the World Wide Web. It involves submitting your Website to Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Campaign Management. It does no good to invest the money to build and host your site if no one can find it. Promoting your website is just as important if not more than advertising in traditional print media.

Waves Web Works Website Promotion Plans are customized to your Website and your business, whether you are building a new site or want to start a new marketing campaign. When recommending a marketing plan for your Website, we take into consideration your industry, your target market, your business goals and budget. All of these factors are important and need to be considered when developing a marketing plan for any Website.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Pay Per Click Management is another level of Website Promotion.  It can take several weeks for a new Website to start to climb the ranks of the Search Engines, and depending on the industry, it can take even longer to get ranked among the first few pages of a Search Engine.  A Pay Per Click Campaign on Google, Yahoo or MSN will get your site on the first pages of several Search  Engines right away. You decide how much you are willing to invest and the target audience you want to reach, and we do the rest.

Even if you already have a website you can benefit from  Waves Web Works Website Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Promotion Services to get your Website noticed.  Please complete our Website Design Form or contact us  to get more information about our services.

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